Enjoy our Pizza Experience

Tastes Best Eaten Outdoors!

Welcome to Pizzas at The Walled Garden

We may make the best pizza in Mells, we certainly make the best pizza we can in The Walled Garden at Mells. During our Winter trips around Italy sampling pizza and other amazing food, the one thing we’ve realised is that wherever there’s a pizza oven, there’s a pizzailolo/a who is adamant that their pizza is ‘the best’. A tradition we’ve brought back with us here.

We make the best pizza we can with the best ingredients we can source and add our own touch. Our wood fired Bushman oven is fuelled only by the best Beech, Ash, Apple, Hawthorn and Hazel wood, hand split and 18 month air dried, sourced from the woodlands on our doorstep. Just as we know every ingredient that goes into and onto our pizzas, we know every piece of wood that cooks them, where it came from, which part of the tree is was cut from down to the final split of the cleaving axe.

As everything is hand stretched, topped freshly and cooked two at a time, wait times can be longer than we’d like at busy periods. Bring some wine, or buy a drink at the Talbot Inn, open the newspapers and relax under the apple trees. Good things will come.

Our Pizza Menu

Our pizza oven is open from 12 noon - 4pm  on the weekends through September. All of our pizzas come with a tomato base and mozzarella cheese with a slight mix of cheddar. Any can be left off on request so you can mix and match toppings to taste (within reason!). Ask for cheese-free or tomato-free pizza and we would be happy to accommodate.

Margherita - £9.00 Mozzerella, tomato & fresh basil (V)
Somerset - £9.50 Somerset ham, mushrooms and olives
Garden - £9.50 Olive, garlic, mushroom, red/green pepper and artichoke dressed with rocket and olive oil (toppings may vary) (V)
Salami- £10.00 Red onion, Italian Salami
Chorizi - £10.00 Chorizo, red/green pepper & red onion

All of our pizzas come with a tomato base and mozzarella cheese with a slight mix of cheddar. Please ask for black pepper, olive oil, chilli oil or anything else.